Click the link below to download a zip of high quality WAVs of

"Advantage: proGrammar!" REMIX ATTEMPT #1

Mixed by Eric Ronick early 2008. Unmastered.

I was so pleased with how "Advprodisiac" turned out that I asked Eric (who had mixed that album) to remix our first album. However, I was not able to retrieve all of the work he did (due to logistical / technical issues.) Thus, some of these are first drafts that we improved upon later, and Sebastian & Lulu, for example, was a blank file (which is why it wasn't included here.) I took my inability to procure his work (despite many emails over months of trying) as a sign from God that I wasn't supposed to move forward with the project, which is why I never did anything with these files. It's early 2017 now, and I thought, "Why not just give them away as is (as are?) to the random fans who may find them interesting?" So, here they are. I hope you enjoy.


ps, I'd still like to have this album properly remixed someday (which is why I call this "attempt 1")... Stay tuned!