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"Somaphone 6: Indied"
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11. Brighter Than Sunshine
12. In the Morning
13. In Bloom
14. The Boy With the Thorn in His Side
15. I Bleed
16. Bruises
17. Strange
18. Creep
19. The Way I Am
10. Grace Cathedral Hill
11. Happiness
12. Such Great Heights
13. Holland, 1945
14. Gronlandic Edit
15. You Must Be Out of Your Mind
16. Weary Memory
17. Gone For Good
18. Love and Logic

More About This Album:

Conceived, Performed, and Recorded by Graham “proGrammar” Mackenzie
Mix Engineered by Stewart Hidalgo
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk
Photographs by Brandon Fernandez
Graphic Design by Carl Bean-Larson

Thanks to all of the artists listed above who put the stamp of their hearts and souls onto this work. And to my friends, family, and lovers for supporting me through this seemingly-neverending, sanity-taxing, tinnitus-inducing process.

Special thanks to: Kevin Suggs for divulging the model, and tuning, of pedal steel he used on “Gone For Good”, along with key aspects of his recording process. Dave Depper for teaching me the difference between a slide guitar and a pedal steel, as well as all the other talented musicians who were willing to take a look at the question. All the talented vocalists who were willing to consider adding their voices to the songs (although I just ended up doing everything myself.) All the talented producers who were willing to consider mixing the album. Deirdre Lyons-Keefe, and Tim Perry for suggesting songs. Tim, again, for very kindly listening to multiple rough mixes and providing encouraging feedback along the way, and for, along with Daniel Hunt and Danielle Frandina, trying to hypothesize in a very gentle way exactly why I might be such an abysmal self-promoter and fundraiser. Kevin Freeny for helping me work through some music video ideas. My neighbors for putting up with the noise. Stewart Hidalgo for graciously tolerating my endless additions, revisions, and requests that we attempt to get one step closer to perfection; I cannot thank you enough for your incredible patience, my friend. Vincenzo LoRusso for providing tips on how to improve my recording quality after the last Somaphone record, and for introducing me to Stewart. Lionel Reinert for the equipment hook-up. Alexis Mackenzie for introducing me to Carl. Phen Ebinger, Claudia Gonson, Michele Harrison, and Karena Youtz for helping me procure mechanical licenses. Jeff and Noga of Santa Monica via Airbnb. And especially all of the brilliant songwriters!

Extra special thanks, for their generous financial support, go to Luis Cuesta, Danielle Keller, Tyler Lansford, Al Mackenzie, Kenneth Mackenzie, Laura Mackenzie, Margaret Mackenzie, Mark Mackenzie, Mary Mackenzie, Susan Mackenzie, Stefanos Marnerides, Adam Michelson, Catherine Mix, Louise Paquette, Ann Paquette-Lukens, Ashley Paul, Timothy Perry, and Sianna Ziegler. Thank you all so much; your support means the world to me!
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